5 States That Shouldn’t Be On Your List When Starting With Your Career Today

Have you recently graduated from the college and now heading towards starting your career? Before applying at firms, you should know about the economy of your country because the next few days might be disappointing. Freshies are very eager to start with their career, but it is important to have knowledge about the employment ratio of the country. Are you having trouble finding work? There can be various reasons for it, but the most important could be where you are living.

Not every American state is economically strong and no matter how hard you try to search for work, maybe the problem is with the place where you live. According to a recent analysis conducted by a career website, they have ranked the states based on the job markets with the help of data and stats provided by the bureau of labor and according to them here are the 7 states that have poor economy with a vast unemployment ratio where you shouldn’t be heading to for seeking career opportunities.


The first state to avoid job hunt is Louisiana. Yes, the food and music are always delightful whenever you visit New Orleans, but Louisiana is listed on the very top of the list of bad economy with an unemployment rate of 5 percent and median income of $46,710. The pelican state has been suffering through crisis since 2009 as the poverty rate grew by 10.3 percent, which made every 1 out of 4 resident of the state poor. Major cities of the state have been featured in various articles and surveys related to poverty despite a stronger U.S economy. If you are living in Louisiana or planning to shift to the state for career opportunities, it will probably be the worst decision of your life.


Life in Arizona can be tough for job seekers because of the poor economy of the state with higher expenses than average wages. The state’s median income is around $53,510 with the unemployment rate of 4 percent, which leads it to second spot on the list. Job seekers who travel to Arizona find it difficult to survive because even the basic needs aren’t affordable in the state. Moreover, the state has low ranks for economic security. According o a recent study, it was concluded that each family has to earn about $78,000 a month to be economically secure in the state, which is more than the median income. Arizona is not a great option to start your career. Moving out of the state might help you getting better career.


Kentucky is famous for the delicious BBQ and it is a must to visit place whenever you go to Kentucky. However, surveys tell a different story about the state. According to the current trade and tariff war between U.S and China, the state is not the best place to search for work. China is one of the major export markets of the state, which helps providing jobs. But with the current tension, the state is struggling with the economy and has increased unemployment ratio. Kentucky’s median income is $46,535 while the unemployment rate is 4 percent. People seeking jobs shouldn’t be heading towards Kentucky because it has been listed as no to go place due to poor economy.


Alabama is the home to U.S space camp at Huntsville and has an affordable living. Despite of affordable living the state is not a great option to be at currently. If you are a job seeker, going to Alabama or living in Alabama is not good for your career. Furthermore, it is also the worst place for women and is rated the lowest in the country for women’s economic and social well- being. The number of girls attending high school is low, making it hard for them to develop skills and land a good job. The unemployment rate of the state is 4 percent with $46,472 it’s median income. Avoid searching jobs in Alabama as it’s not worth searching currently.


Wyoming is one of the seven states that has no income tax and has one of the lowest property tax burdens in the country. You can enjoy these perks while living in the state, but after so much tax relief it is still not the right place for job seekers. The state is listed as the worst state for work search right now. Wyoming is a beneficial place with reduce taxes, but what’s the point of living in a state that has no jobs to offer. These are the 5 worst states according to census that every job seeker should avoid starting their career with. If you are currently living in any of the above state, you should consider moving to other states. Search the most beneficial and economically wealthy state with great employment ratio before making any decision.

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