Frugal Ways To Move Your Stuff Cross The Country

Are you planning to shift to another state and don’t have an idea of the cost for moving your belongings? According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the cost of using professional moving services depend on the average weight and distance you are shifting to your new place. Hiring professional can be a reason to worry because they charge a healthy cost, which most people can’t bare as they have already invested their money on buying the property. However, there are less expensive ways to handle your move. From renting containers to hiring movers, here are some frugal ways to move out of state without pressurizing your account.

Getting Free Boxes And Supplies

To have a budget friendly move, you should target the basic tasks first. Everyone needs moving supplies like boxes, bubble wraps and news paper to pack things nicely so that they don’t get damaged during shifting. Getting these moving supplies for free is one of the best ways to cut costs on a long distance move. You can save a huge amount by getting these moving essentials for free. Heading to the nearest retailer or searching for the supplies online will definitely help getting them without paying or at a comparatively low cost.

Places that are worth searching for supplies include Craiglist, book stores, liquor stores, grocery stores and recycling drop off points. Moreover, you can ask your friends and relatives if they have boxes or other supplies. There is a lot of stuff that has to be packed before moving and spending cash on moving supplies can be a big blow to your account.

Use Shipping Services For Moving Your Stuff

People who don’t have too many belongings can use the shipping services to move their stuff cross country. It is a cost effective and safer way to transport your stuff to your new place. Contacting the shipping service providers is very easy as everything to can be accessed online. Services like USPS are known as the best in business, but there are other providers as well that you can contact to ship larger products without any hassle.

Finding the right shipping partner is no rocket science. You only need to create a list of items that are to be shipped and select the service provider you want to work with. Place a bid suiting your needs and price point. The process is very less hectic and affordable as you don’t have to carry along all the stuff. It is shipped directly to the designated place.

Rent A Moving Container

Hiring professionals for moving your stuff is an expensive option. The best alternate available today is to rent a moving container. When you are on a limited budget, renting a moving container is a cheaper option than hiring professional movers. Before making any move, you should contact both the renting company and professionals in the business. The difference you’ll see in the charges will be enough to make the decision. Average cost of renting a moving container for long distances is from $2000 to $3000 whereas, professionals will charge around $4000 to $6000.

Using moving containers to shift your stuff is a cheaper option and all you have to do is load your things in the container and leave the rest to the company. Search for moving container companies, the best ones include United Mayflower’s container, PODS, Go Mini’s and etc. choose wisely considering pros and cons to move your stuff the most frugal way.

Ask The Company To Pay For Shifting

If you are shifting because of work, you can save your money on moving. As the shift is due to work, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of asking the company to pay for your move. Many companies have relocation policies and according to it, company will pay you full or half the moving cost. Before planning on your move, it is worth asking the HR department about the relocation policy.

If your company follows the policy, you can save your money. Don’t throw away the receipts of the while relocation process including the receipts for moving supplies, this way you will be able to calculate the expenses and could be used the next time you plan to shift.

Call In Friends And Family For Help

Hiring moving labor can also cost you a considerable amount, but if you are looking for the cheapest solution, call in your friends and family for help. Plan a move considering everyone’s schedule and shift your stuff to your new place the most frugal way. Instead of paying your friends, you can pay them in other ways like ordering pizza and wine or giving a gift card.

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