Most Affordable Real Estate Markets You Should Be Heading For In 2019

Buying a home to live in or seeking real estate as an investment in United States can be difficult if you are a first timer. Before investing your money in anything, you should have knowledge about the things that are to be dealt for a secure investment. Whether it’s a business you want to start or buy a property, not getting the right guidance can lead to serious trouble.  

If you are searching for a profiting yet affordable investment on real estate, doing a little homework will help you investing in the right state. Increasing prices of property throughout the country automatically increase the investment cost, but if you use the right resources and manage the property well, you can make a profiting deal. Here are the most affordable real estate markets you should be heading for in 2019.

Saint Cloud, Minnesota

The first real estate market on the list is Saint Cloud. The city is in the state of Minnesota and has the largest population in the state’s central region. Investors planning to invest in real estate should be heading to the city as the median price of the property is $188,459. As the city has the largest population in state, the bought property can be rented to earn a secondary income. Price to rent ratio is 12.09 with $1,299 is the current average of monthly traditional rental income. City has one of the best real estate market and investors won’t regret investing on property here.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city of Iowa State and is also known as the city of five seasons. It lies on the banks of Cedar River and perhaps that is why it is a great option to invest in 2019. According to recent census, the rental ratio and income is better than other cities. The median property price is $151, 845 with $1,178 the average rental income you can get monthly by investing in property in the city. If you are searching for a property to live in, it can be a great option as the city is full of life and enjoyment and experiences five seasons. You should invest in real estate at Cedar Rapids as its worth investing.   

Sinton, Texas

It is a city in the county of San Patricio, Texas and the next best real estate investment option in our list. The current median property price of the city is $128,775, which costs $87 per square foot. With the increasing population, you can benefit by renting the property as the average rental income in the city is $1,126 and has a rent ratio of 9.53. Finding a property won’t be very difficult in the city, either search online or contact a trusted source for a secure deal.

Davenport, Iowa

Davenport is the largest city of the state Iowa and is located along the Mississippi river. The city has an increasing population and which is why it is a great option for people to invest in real estate. It is a metropolitan area and is the largest of the Quad cities. The city holds remarkable sites like the Vander Veer Botanical Park and Modern Woodmen Park. Investing on real estate in the city will be very profiting as there are multiple options to earn. You can rent it traditionally or can list it on Airbnb to earn a great amount every month. Median property price in the city is $147,815, which means that $111 is the per foot square price. Talking about the rental income, the average monthly rental income of Airbnb is $1,871 while $1,271 is the average monthly traditional income and price to rent ratio is 9.69. it will be a great option to invest in 2019.

Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton is the capital city of the state of New Jersey and was once the capital of United States. The median property price in the city is around $140, 947 with $103 the price per square foot. Traditional rentals are the best investment strategy if you invest on real estate in the city. The price to rent ratio is around 7.78 and the average monthly traditional rental income you can get is $1,510. Investing on real estate in Trenton in 2019 is a profiting option.

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